BBH Masonry Services

Welcome to the home of BBH Masonry, where our team of experts specialise in a variety of premium, world-class construction and masonry services.

There are a number of different ways that our clients can benefit from choosing us to take care of their project – from the high quality service that we offer, to the multiple tasks we can perform. And, since we have experts in both residential and commercial projects, we’re able to help almost anyone with our services.

What does BBH Masonry have to offer?

Aside from our expertise in the industry, most people find our range of services to be one of the most appealing aspects of our company.

Not only can our specialists perform the tasks we offer to the best possible standards, but most clients find that we are able to offer what they need without any fuss.
Some of the world-class services that we offer are:

Block Laying

Generally, this involves laying and attaching concrete blocks to mortar (as well as a few other substances) to build or repair walls, but it must be done properly for the wall to be safe and secure.

In most cases, a quality Block Layer will be crucial to the functionality, durability and aesthetics of a wall – and this is a good reason to hire our team of certified experts to take care of the task.


Although this may sound similar to block laying, there is one major difference; the material used. While there may not be an officially defined distinction between them, blocks are typically big pieces of concrete, whilst bricks tend to be smaller rectangles made of clay (or “sand-lime”).

As construction and masonry experts, we understand just how important this difference can be to a project, which is why our Bricklaying experts offer two individual services to cater to specific needs.

Hebel Panel Installation

The fact that our team of experts specialise in construction and masonry doesn’t limit us to only using ordinary bricks and blocks. In fact, one of our most popular services is Hebel Installation.

Made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (commonly abbreviated to AAC), this material is strong, durable, versatile and perfect for a number of construction purposes – ranging from residential houses to larger commercial structures.

We have used Hebel panels for a range of projects – and the fact that so many of our clients have been more than happy with our installation services is a good reason to consider hiring us to take care of the installation of your Hebel walls.

Star Walling Installation

Along with these 3 services, our team of professionals can also use a new, innovative paneling solution for interior walling too; Star Walling.

Star Panels can be the best solution for a number of reasons. With the fact that they’re durable, versatile, solid and more, it’s not hard to see why Star Walling is steadily increasing in popularity in Australia.

Our expert installation services can ensure a smooth, complete finish that will last well into the future.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that almost every project is unique and that our clients are likely to have wants and needs that are completely different to any others.

For this reason, we strive to not only provide the best possible service, but to make sure that we offer everything we can to help individuals to construct their property to suit their needs.