BBH Bricklaying Services

Here at BBH Masonry, our specialists are on hand to help with a number of construction and masonry related projects and tasks. One of our most popular services is bricklaying – and since our team comprises of highly skilled, registered individuals who can perform this task for both commercial and residential purposes, we’ve been able to help countless people to build the perfect property.

What is the difference between blocks and bricks?

As professionals in the industry, we understand that blocks and bricks are not the same when it comes to construction. While these materials may not be officially recognised as being different in the trade, or that they may appear to be the same to the untrained eye; we know that there are differences that could affect the overall success of a project.

Although they are similar in a lot of ways, there are a couple things that set them apart in terms of business. For example, where blocks are often made of concrete, bricks tend to be made of clay. As offering the correct building service for a project’s needs is crucial to the final product, the key difference between the two tends to be the sizes that they come in.

A brick will often be much smaller than a block – and for this reason, they can sometimes be better suited to certain projects over others. From being more cost effective, to the fact that they can often lower the costs of energy bills (thanks to the fact that they can store warmth and cool air), there are a number of good reasons to choose bricklaying for a building of almost any kind. Since you are on our Bricklaying page, you can visit our Block Laying page too.

What are bricklayers?

Generally speaking, a bricklayer is a specialist that takes care of the positioning, strengthening and bonding of bricks to design walls and buildings. As simple as this might sound, the reality is that there can be a very broad skill range involved when it comes to undertaking these types of tasks.

From knowing which types of materials may be best to use, right through to understanding angles, structuring, dimensions and even support during construction – the tasks of a bricklayer require focus, skills and expertise.

Our team are as friendly as they are well-versed in the art of bricklaying and over the many years that we have been offering our services, we’ve helped to construct some of the most iconic buildings in the country.

From commercial offices designed to captivate viewers and enhance productivity, right through to residential properties intended to afford comfort, style and security – when it comes to world-class masonry work, you can count on us to build something spectacular no matter what your requirements are.

Why choose BBH Masonry?

Thanks to years of training and expertise in the industry, our clientele has come to know us as one of the most reliable, affordable and effective building construction agencies in Australia.

We don’t do things by halves and we always pull out all of the stops to ensure that whatever your project might be, you can count on us to provide excellent results. From the first brick we lay, right through to the last; our experts apply all of their skills to ensure that every task has been completed to the highest possible standard.

Each individual member of our team is a professional, capable of building complete brickwork properties; from owning the certificate that shows that they are a registered bricklayer to their experience in the industry.

Regardless of the size of your future property or budget, we’d be more than happy to hear from you. We’re always willing to help and we would love to get started on your building project today, so why not give us a call and let a team of Australian experts take care of the construction of your new development?